Note: due to the increasing size of my fractal gallery not all are displayed here (yes I really do need to upkeep this site better than I do) but my gallery at Deviant Art (http://iamthatstrange.deviantart.com/) is current.

We spend most of our time, not reflecting on life but living it.  Okay that is the way it should be, I have my doubts about those who spend many hours watching reality TV.   And there are so many of us who are frantically trying to see the future or miserably (or not) living in the past.  We all have intentions, whether good or bad or benign.  We intend to get up (hopefully on time) we intend to eat a good breakfast (usually said while stuffing a piece of toast in our face on the way to the bus), we intend to pay more attention to our spouses (kids, pets, friends, enemies? <fill in the blank>), the world is paved and all that.

I intend to upkeep a blog, keep my design portfolio current, keep adding cute cat pictures (yeah I'm a crazy cat lady) and keep some kind of record of my journey through this life. Journeys occur one step, one inch, one pixel, one picture, one word, one page at a time. Just so, this site is a journey too and will continue to evolve.  And I've always intended for this site to be something profound.  Well it is, profoundly boring.  Ah well, maybe this year, it's what I intend.